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  1. i certainly hope thier is atleast 3 party member slots.
  2. only 1 a.i. controlled companion is crap in dungeon siege 2 you could have a whole team up to 6 in your group. dungeon siege 3 sounds crap.
  3. will i be able to control my own group of charectors or just 1 charector??? will it be a tactical strategic rpg like the second game or will it be simplified baby garbage like lord of the rings on the ps2???
  4. ps3 have the capability to do 100gb discs on a game they will do it when they need to. eventually pc games are going to need bigger discs and i want it to happen soon so that the games are bigger.
  5. ps3 have some blu-ray games discs at 100 gb a disc pc games must have more storage capacity than the standard 4.7gb. what are pc games discs going to be since they dont use blu-ray discs for pc games what are they going to do they will have to do something because it is the way games evolve ever since spectrum and sega mastersystem new games are becoming bigger so what are pc games doing?
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