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  1. So me and a buddy recently got back into Grounded and figured we'd try out the 'Shared World' feature so we can both play freely whenever wanted. It was working for the first week we started playing, but just recently it decided to crap out on us for whatever reason. Once or twice our save files would disappear from the Saved Menu, but we just needed to reload the game. However, after literally just playing the night prior, I attempted to boot up the game again today only to find my save file empty. Tried the classic reload tactic but to no avail.. after several different types of attempts i'm now noticing a random game under a foreign language has now popped up in the save list that is not mine. I booted it up, but it plays out like I just started a new game. So i'm unsure what the heck is happening there, but this would be my third time having to restart this game and i'm not looking for a fourth. Hoping this is an issue on your guys end and not mine so that it could potential be resolved.
  2. This same exact thing happend to me and my friend in our game. I had just played last night, and now when I boot up the game, it's someone elses game entirely saved in a different language. Not sure if it's the game itself or something on my end, but I hope it fixes itself soon. This'll be the third time i've had to restart on this game and i'm noooot really feeling a fourth. I got no solution for you, but rest assured you are not the only one.
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