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  1. Hey! My left hand is weird, so sprinting with Left Shift is super awkward for me. I always try to rebind sprinting to Tab since it's way more comfortable for me. Of course, anyone who's played the game knows that Tab is actually bound to your inventory. Or "Ledger" apparently. I've been at it for a little bit now (with the help from Sebastony on this other topic) and I'm really just at my wits end now. Plus, friends on Steam have started complaining about me starting and stopping TOW, so that's something. Would anyone be able to help me out by providing me the exact coding to enter into the "GameUserSettings.ini" file? My smol brain can't quite figure out what I'm doing wrong with the janky lines I'm inputting. Any assistance would be amazing! I can't wait to play the game at a pace faster than a light jog!
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