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  1. then i am missing something then because i have cleared every lab out on the map (hedge, pond, haze, black ant hill, stump, undershed, etc) I read Ruz-T only spawn in the lab after you go down the first zip line in the hedge lab and turn around and run up to the station in the tree. Where else would they be?
  2. So I know where Ruz-T spawns but i killed them ages ago and apparently never peeped them. It is the only gold card I am missing. Is there a way to make Ruz-T respawn? I probably killed ruz-t onday 4 of in game days and am now nearing day 200 so its probably despawned a while ago. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Hello Everyone, Am i missing a setting to be able to use my mousewheel to scroll through weapons/tools? Thanks,
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