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  1. I bought the game a while back on Xbox on my computer it was laggy texture didn't work all the time but I had fun then my computer broke while on the game (by water) then I closed and got a new computer but then when I installed grounded it didn't work on the Xbox so bought it again on steam and it still didn't work so right know I have a new computer because I thought the reason was it was a bad computer but nope I can login get to the title screen then it crashes. the reason I think this is happening is because two account at the same time but my computer is dead on the old one and the one in the middle I uninstalled grounded and other game work on the computer It just grounded SOOO I am just seeing if any one has a solution or a similar issue I don't want refund the game cause it was really fun but I also want my money worth just curious .
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