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  1. When I have the issue with firing from cover, it is not that I simply cannot aim, it is that I cannot shoot at all, regardless of where I am located while in cover.
  2. The issue with Mike walking on his own is simply solved by switching controllers. That issue is known to happen on a large variety of games. I see how some of these could be glitches, but like I said, I have experienced a lot more than the few things I mentioned. I just did not think about writing them all down until it was too late. Some of these issues truly are bugs though. For example, the issue with going into cover is not a simple glitch. It could be a program command might have an error of some sort that does not read some of these cover spots as anything but a big wall. Hence the reason why you cannot do anything but move from that cover spot. The issue I had with Margburg ended up happening to Brayko as well. Only Brayko was above the stage. Then even when the blinding lights came about, he was doing the running man with his guns out, and the same would happen after he had his nice hand full of coke.
  3. As I have been going through the game I have encountered a very large amount of bugs that make the game even more difficult than just playing on the hard difficulty setting and using the recruit class. To be perfectly honest, I have seen at least 3 bugs on every mission. I cannot name them all simply because I did not write the down, reason being, I have been trying to enjoy the game, not test it for bugs. Every time that I use the "Iron Will" ability, I have (what seems to be) a 20% chance of having the ability active while standing still and completely incapable of moving. When this happens I cannot even aim or even move the camera. Throughout the game there are hundreds of places to hide in cover and shoot or use equipment from these spots. Well, there are also hundreds of cover spots that you can go into, but that is all you are doing. is going into cover, no shooting, no aiming, nothing but just moving the camera and Mike from one side to the other. While I had my battle with Marburg in the museum, he had the power to walk on thin air above the stairs. About 25 feet about the stairs, and once he got there he could not do anything other than shoot me. I wanted to take advantage of that to kill him, but I'm not the kind of guy to take advantage of a bug like that. During that same time in the museum, if you would run into the elevator for cover from Marburg and his men, you can throw equipment out of the elevator from cover on either side, but you cannot throw remote mines through the elevator door. Every remote mine stuck to thin air as if there elevator doors were closed and made of glass that was just cleaned with Windex. I have run into one issue quite a bit and it started in the G22 "secret" hide out. After failing an attempt to hack, pick or bypass some obstacles, I cannot use that specific thing I tried to unlock. For instance, I attempted to pick a lock to grab a weapon mod, I failed to pick the lock in time, triggered the alarm, and when I came back to disabling the alarm, I could no longer pick the lock. The icon still appeared above the lock, but as I hit "A" to attempt or "B" for use an EMP, the lock would not be affected, and the gate would just be a wall rather than a gate. These are just a few issues I have been experiencing throughout my game. I do not mean to sound like I am complaining, but rather just sending a heads up for some of the bugs that are out and about. If only Raid-X could affect every type of bug, I wouldn't type this up. p.s. I find it hilarious when I die anywhere in the game, Mike has the capabilities to jump and smack his face every time. It's even funnier when he dies from a fire and jumps 8 feet for a nice smash on his head lmao!
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