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  1. So we have a sky animal (the crow) and we have a pond/water animal (the koi fish). But what if we had a third one for around the tree and the yard? Me and my friends discussed this, and at first I was like "what if we had a dog". BUT NO. I have an even better idea, add a squirrel. You can make it run up and down the tree. players can be given a tool to latch onto it and then jump off as its climbing the tree for faster travel (hopefully they have a glider). It can drop fuzz that can be made into armor that makes you speedy, lowers your hunger drain, or when you eat acorn bits you gain extra food/become faster. And on top of all that you could use the fuzz to make a better glider that doesnt break super fast. But yeah, thought it was a cool idea. I think it would be sick to have but that's just me.
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