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  1. The ability to name weapons would be cool, like Spider Slayer(or whatever) for my spicy katana. ETC Maybe once it's max level, you can name it. The bug damage type should be on their peeped cards, like, spiders do stabbing and poison damage. I hope we get into the shed soon, maybe have some cellar spiders, centipedes, and crickets would be cool! maybe with some jump enhancing leg gear! That would give more use to the fall damage mutation. a boat would be fun. just a quick way to get over the pond. Some other new biomes like maybe a tipped over cooler with ice spilled out, or a kiddie pool? a cold biome could have some cold weather gear. Or maybe just a winter mode??? Oh, and every day mites respawn in my base. Can that not be a thing anymore please? I cant think of anything else, but thank you!
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