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  1. I've done the same and it is working Thank you guys for help. Here is a quick list of things i've done: 1. Uninstalled the game, kept the saved games. 2. Installed the game again. When asked about CD2, inserted it, closed the autoplay window and after that clicked "ok" in installation menu. 3. Installed the game. 4. Started the game with CD1 (previously CD2) It all seems to work. Tigranes, you can close this topic.
  2. Lampek

    TaiPei Problem

    Yeah... Agent Thorton says clearly about "hidden passage" in the shower, you didn't listen to him mate
  3. I tried to load "Last Safehouse" checkpoint and quickly do the mission again, but it did not work. Same problem, eh. Tigranes, you suggest reinstalling the game. Do you also suggest deleting my savegames or should I keep them? You know, i don't want to play again from the start just to realise that problem is still happening Marasesu, please inform us if reinstalling helped you. BTW, it is Obsidian forum, isn't it? Why can't somebody from their staff answer? Maybe they could help.
  4. Ehh, i started to like this game very much and this is what happened. I was taking part in mission in rome museum. SMALL SPOILERS (no fable spoilers though)============================= The objective of this mission was interception of Marburg guy and stopping him from detonating the bomb in the museum. I believe it is one of last missions in Rome. I saved museum guards from being slaughtered by Marburg's mob, hacked the computer, cracked the safe etc. and when i was walking up the stairs, the game had suddenly crashed. I tried many times, everytime the same bug at the same place. Restart of the computer is needed, i managed to go back to windows only once. I tried to take this mission once again, from the start, but it doesn't work. Still the same. Can anyone help? It is soooooooooo annoying I can't proceed with the game, ehh... My specs are: GF 8800gts, amd x2 6000+, X-Fi Gamer. I did not find any other game crashes until now...
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