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  1. Yes, this took me ages - you remapped your Interact key, right? The game says to press the key you changed it to (in my case 'E', so 'Press E to lock'), but in reality it does nothing. You have to press Space instead, the default key. Another notch on the buglist... Thats the one. I ended up just leaving space as the primary mapping and using my choice as the second, in case the issue came up in any other part of the game.
  2. Hello, got this game today and have run into a showstopping bug almost strait away. I've got to the bit where you have to hack a computer for the first time, but when I try to do the minigame it won't lock the left password when I press the interact key. I can move it around OK with the direction keys and the right password works fine with the mouse, just no locking with the left one on the keyboard. I've tried remaping the keys, exiting the game entirely, restarting the computer and starting a new game from the begining and none of that has made any difference. PC specs are Windows 7 x64, C2Q Q6600, 4gb of RAM and a Geforce 8800 GTS 512. Help would be much appreciated, i've just got a couple of shiney coasters at the moment since you can't progress any further without doing that hack. Edit - Found a workaround by reseting the keymappings back to default. I'm rolling again now, but maybe something worth looking at for patching
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