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  1. For those who use computers to play, I would like to suggest using the mouse scroll wheel to swap to different inventory in the hot box/pouch. It would just make gameplay so much more easier and flow better, in my opinion. In almost every other game it has that option so I think you guys should add it, it would be a lot more nice if that was at least just an option. Thank you.
  2. First of all, I really enjoy this game and love the idea of it. I would like to suggest getting either more characters or being able to customize our characters, such as: picking hair, clothes, how the face looks, gender, the voices. Also there could be classes or characters like the nerd, the jock, the outdoorsy one, etc. Just different characteristics for each one and then you get to customize further such as the customization I named before. I just think it would be really awesome if we could do that and make gameplay more personable and fun. Thank you.
  3. I agree with this, I think it would be cool if we had more customization to our character or just more options.
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