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  1. Apologies; I made a mistake! I thought it was the chamber you arrive in when approaching the temple from the Undercroft side. Like others in the forum have mentioned, the actual chamber is in the northwestern part of the city ruins, where the Sunken City also is. Everything is working OK after all.
  2. Hello, I think the Cornett's Call quest may still be bugged on the newest patch version 5.something. GOG version, Mac. I have both Cornettes (sp?). I've reported back to Dereo, and he's sent me to the Huana temple to meet one of his associates. I already went to the temple earlier from the other side and activated the statue; but I was too low level for the grub fight, so I reloaded and decided to wait, thinking I could always go back in later. However I might have already "activated" the statue when I saved that game. Now I've levelled up and feel ready for the fight, but when I want to open the door to the giant cave grub, the statue's hand is completely inactive, even though I have both Cornettes in my inventory under quest items. It's not showing up as blue interactable when I hit tab. I did do this quest slightly out of order; but is there a fix? I really would not like to reload as I've played quite a bit since. I also tried to change the party to the companions I had at the time, but no luck. Thanks and all best Anders
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