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  1. Solved!!! Drivers problem. Thanks a lot Fuzz!! And thanks to all too!!!
  2. Hello everyone... I just bought and installed (twice!) Alpha Protocol on my PC and i have some video problem. Here i show some pics: As you can see, everything seems pixeled. Those big black spots in Mike's back and chest (and face.. and hands...) are everywhere on the game... in the walls, in other characters... What's wrong?? I play on a Intel Core 2 Duo CPU / 2,66 Ghz / 3mb RAM / NVidia GeForce 8600 GT. / 1024x768 resolution. I tried changing the resolution and all the video settings, and anything changes... And the most important thing!! I firstly though it could probably be a instalation problem, so i uninstalled the game and re-installed it (losing one of my registrations because it asked for the validation code again!!!!!!!!!!!) Any solutions??? Thanks a lot!!! PS: Excuse my english. It's not my native language. Thanks again!
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