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  1. So last night my squad and I were theorycrafting new weapon ideas for the game. And one we came up with that we liked, we entitled it the "Bug-Zooka." Taking Splatburst bombs and stuffing them into a grenade launcher type weapon made out of Black Ox parts, spiky burrs, and maybe say it took something like 10-15 QJ's to make. Making the weapon really hard to attain, but also super worth it if you can farm up the mats as you can lay waste to a lot of bugs inside a small radius. It would be particularly useful for the Infected Larvae pits in the Haze, the Termite Den, and the Black Ant Hill. Seemed like a fun idea, just wanted to share it here.
  2. So last night my squad and I loaded into some Grounded. We were in a questing mindset, so we decided to grab a few from Burg.L and set out. One of our objectives was to complete a trail marker at Bird Bath Bluff over by the Hedges. So we grabbed our supplies and headed over to the hedges. We scaled our way up to the Bird Bath where I aggro'd the few mosquitoes that occupy the area. I killed 2/3 and was kiting the 3rd one around, when suddenly it changed LOS and aggro completely, and attacked what I can only describe as a small garden gnome looking figure in the water on the first level of the bird bath. I killed the mosquito and went back to check the water, but nothing was there. I wish I had a screenclip of it, as this was one of the more bizarre things I have encountered within the backyard.
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