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  1. My group and I wanted to give some positive feedback since we mostly only come here to complain and ask for resolution. We love the repair glue idea. It gives us a use for many of our hoarded bug parts and allows us to go out on bigger adventures without so many repair parts on us. It does seem overpowered that the glue works for both armor and weapons, so we would understand if a different item was used to repair weapons. One thing we ask is if we can use spider parts to make repair glue too? We have them in abundance and it would be nice to use them for something constructive instead of trashing so many. (The bug goop is REALLY stacking up too) The bug damage reduction that rolled out today was needed and appreciated. We still have to be careful with some of the toughest enemies, but its no longer a death sentence to make a mistake or get jumped by an extra bug or two anymore.
  2. The random bee attacks (completely unprovoked) on my base are a headache. They do major damage and I built some really nice resort-like bases that are difficult to defend and repair so regularly. I end up reverting to an old save and sleeping to skip the whole ordeal.
  3. I was excited to get stronger armor, but before you upgrade its practically worthless. The upgrades are heinously expensive and farming grubs (and secondary ingredients to a lesser extent) is slow, tedious, and unplentiful. Then, when you upgrade, it feels barely stronger than it was before .13 at the cost of many hours of effort. Additionally, the sleek upgrade for the broodmother helm poisons your teammates fighting with you, AS WELL AS YOURSELF. A waste of a lot of effort to upgrade it. And the druability (or repair cost) for the charcoal canteen makes it not worth keeping/using in for our party. I wanted to get beefier with armor upgrades, not feel like I worked my a** off for nothing of worth. Antlions, Black Ox Beatles, and other bugs still take huge chunks off health bars if you take a hit. I am disappointed.
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