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  1. By the time all the reviews are out, I think the overall score on that Metacritic site or what ever its called. I reckon the overall score will be between 70-77%. It's not doing anything we haven't seen before, and shoddy AI these days get a good slatting.
  2. Doing balancing, tweaking the lighting, waiting for SEGA to set a new release date, according to the interviews. You know whats a shame (spart from not being able to create a custom face of course) is that as good a company SEGA are for delivering qaulity consoles and games, there marketing tactics/timing is terrible. Alpha Protocol could end up being one of the best games of the year, but barely anyone is going to buy it because of the release of Red Dead Redemption. Instead most are going to come across it when its on sale for
  3. Player creation, even if it is only the face, should be the main rule of RPG games. We can spend hundreds of hours playing as a character who we give there own personality, having one face is a bit crazy..especially one that looks like a child. With all the beard and glasses disguises. Our player will be more like Insepctor Clouseau than James Bond. I really hope they can do something about this issue with DLC, as I am already hating the look of this guy.
  4. Hello again chaps, Just wondering if there is an option for complete face customization. The guy in the trailers looks about 16 years old and doesn't suit the voice given him. How much control do you have over player creation?
  5. Thanks for the info chaps, Would much rather get this game that RDR, as all the gameplay has gone into a solid 1 player mode. There really hasn't been alot of info around though chaps, even the other lads who I talk to on the official 360 site have had no news. Either that or it got swamped out by the Halo : Reach and Red Dead threads lol. Thanks again lads
  6. Hello to all, Just wondering if any of you chaps know if there is a set release for this game yet? I am hearing alot for the 28th of May, but with hardly any gossip from magazines or anything, I am wondering if it has been put back again. With the release of Red Dead Redemption this week, you would think SEGA would have done alot better with the PR. Any info from you chaps is much appreciated.
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