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  1. I was hosting a custom game from my PC (Microsoft version Grounded) and my friend was playing from Steam version Grounded. We played great for a few days and yesterday it was going fine except my friend was mentioning issues like the stamina bar or hunger bar would not fill up after resting or eating, so we continued on playing, Then we went into the Ant hill and was fighting the whole nest at once and fought through it and survived. Then my friend said he couldn't pick up ant parts even though his backpack wasn't full. we continued through the ant hill retrieved the quest item for the robot and it did show up on his screen that it was received as the status changed to return to the Robot. Along the way back to our camp although the bars aren't restoring for his character he tried to use the analyzer on some of the items he already had in his backpack prior to the ant hill confrontation didnt allow him to use it. He noticed that when he was near objects like the analyzer, workbench, items on ground, other crafting stations it wasn't prompting him to use it like pressing E to use, He was able to use current weapons he currently had to fight with and was able to change current armor or weapons. I was using a controller and he was using keyboard and mouse. I wasn't affected in any way like he was. So I saved and restarted hosting and it was still the same issue with him not me. We tried this about three times and not fixed. I uninstalled the game and still the same with him. He then reinstalled his game and still the same issue. I started a new game and it worked fine for him with no issues. We lost hours of game play together on this issue.
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