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  1. Everyone posting about this hypothetical game and suggesting that it use a D&D setting needs to understand that doing that would require Obsidian to get a license from Wizards of the Coast, which could be expensive. It would also make it difficult for Obsidian to follow up with sequels, since it wouldn't own the IP (and thus wouldn't have control over whether it got a license to keep making games set there). Personally, I'd love to see something original that happens to be in the spirit of Planescape: Torment, by which I mean: it features interesting characters, a strange universe, and an overwhelming sense of mystery and consequence. It could fantasy, it could be sci fi--just as long as it's mature and interesting, I'll gladly pony up for it. As far as the mechanics, I strongly favor a mix of real-time exploration and tactical turn-based combat, a la Fallout 1-2 (though preferably with full party control). I can tolerate combat that is real-time-with-pause, but in truth, it gets tiresome having to start and stop constantly to figure out what's going on all over the battlefield. Turn-based is simply more clear-cut and easier to manage, IMHO. I'd prefer to see Obsidian spending more resources on the interesting stuff (narrative and game mechanics) than the graphics, so whatever is most cost-effective here is fine by me. An isometric fixed camera would probably be a good idea as far as keeping costs down on the art. I don't care if the graphics are 2D or 3D; however, if characters have a lot of shared animations and the camera is fixed, 3D could actually be more cost-effective than 2D, in which case it gets my vote. That's it for me. If you post a Kickstarter project at all along these lines, there is an excellent chance that I will contribute to it.
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