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  1. We have horizontal half walls and horizontal railing, I was asking about a vertical half wall. Upright and half as wide.
  2. Hi all! So I'm going back through the story missions after the .13 reset and since I was going to the pond lab I noticed the sunken chest was locked again. Decided I'd grab the mossy key since I was down there and it's not there. Was the key moved? Can this be fixed so I can complete the story progression? Thanks for looking, Stay Grounded
  3. I really, really like the dynamic fairly unrestricted building system we have in Grounded, but I do feel a couple basic building blocks are missing: can we get vertical half walls and quarter floor pieces? Those are the only parts that I feel are kind of missing to be able to fully adapt and adjust our builds to any location in the yard. Thanks for looking and Stay Grounded!
  4. I hope this is the correct place for this. Playing on Xbox Series S, redoing the Oak Lab and after purchasing from the ASL Terminal per quest progression the game crashed as I went into the battery room [I have collected the Milk Molar prior to .13] now I cannot load back into that save, or any previous saves on that playthrough. A new playthrough works so far, but haven't gotten as far as the Oak Lab yet.
  5. Curious if anyone has experienced this or has any solutions: so I loaded into the PTS on, Xbox Series S, few crashes here and there no real big deal [I am NOT allowed to peep the diving spiders lol] but the thing that is bugging me [lol] is the faction system. Is there a cool down or something on the anger the bugs feel? Immediately upon entering the PTS I was aggroed by ALL red ants and Ladybugs. Now to be fair I had removed sizable chunks of their populations prior to BSB, but should that have really triggered the faction system? And it's fair if so [78 ladybugs and 189 red worker ants] but how long are they supposed to remain aggro? Is it intended to permanent once you pass the aggro threshold that all species are ALWAYS aggro? Thanks for looking and any input. Stay Grounded.
  6. I think something that would greatly increase the player experience would be a way to toggle our way points on and off by color or symbol. Right now each individual way point must be toggled manually, being able to switch all points of a color would be nice since I usually color code mine to the different areas of the yard [White by the Mysterious Machine, blue by the Pond, etc.] Or being able to toggle all 'Home' or 'Food' icons together. Really loving Grounded, excited for everything to come!
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