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  1. Heh, it's not that i'm completely against "cheese". There is a line, especially with the ultimate you have to use some form of it. Like SoF/Gambeson. Just anything that wouldn't be approved in an actual ultimate run i would like to avoid. But i'll have a look i heard you mentionend the SC Assasin run as well during your commented run.
  2. Thanks for the reply @thelee, was just wondering why it wasn't continued (the thread). I'm more of a lurker also so i can kind of understand why it died down after the 12 spots have been taken. I've been trying my hand at the ultimate for a while now but never really had the time before to really sink my teeth into it, untill the past couple of months. @abot i watched your commented playthrough of an ultimate test run, verry good tips/guides. I'm also subbed to your channel on YT. I was doing the same approach of doing all challenges on besides wael and aothas to get a feel of it. I'm almost done in figuring out the good route, currently practicing SSS, mostly having trouble with vela. Kind of want to try it without the reload cheese so she's stuck behind the arena.
  3. Is there a list of classes/builds that have succeeded at the ultimate? I know of the first 12 but what of there after? Also is the Ultimate thread being continued cause it seems to stop a couple months ago.
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