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  1. Thanks alot! I think ill go for an pure monk without subclass. I tryed godlikes but they cant wear a helmet , seems like a big downside. What race would you prefer? So 18dex and 18per are set it stone , how would you divide the rest of stats? So going 18might and dumping res 3 seems not a good idea because the monk will not be as durable i think? Could this work: 13might , 12 const , 18 dex , 18+1 perception , 8int and 8 resolve?
  2. So what stats allocation and race would you recommend? I always like melees which are no glass cannons so im okay with More per. i didnt played much so far so creating a new character isnt a problem.
  3. Thanks! Do you have an advice on which stats&skills i should get on creation? Max dex&perception. whats the difference between maxing might or int afterwards? might sounds better for me ^^ Race and skills? Currently only the starting stuff matters , ill try all skills on my own. But i want to be able to respec into a very good build so the starting choices matters. *edit* according to a written guide i created a nature godlike monk , fast strikes and 19might , 12 const , 18 dex , 18+1 perception , 8int and 3 resolve. I hope this will work.
  4. Hi! I played PoE1 back when it was released (didnt finished the story :-/). But i forgot most of the mechanics/story. In general i am a min/maxer who likes higher difficulties later on, when im familar with all the stuff. Im looking for an good melee-damage dealer as an 5th group member for this group: - Aloth as wizard (should i go evoker or "just" wizard?) - Maia Rua as ranger/rogue = ranged dps - Tekēhu as chanter or chanter/druid = support. - Pallegina as crusader (fighter+paladin) = tank and secondary support (maybe ill use Eder as fighter+rogue instead , if my main class has a secondary support role like barbarian/paladin) I read alot about Monk+rogue , barb+fighter , just pure barbarians ( berserker seems to be hard to handle ). What do you think would be a good melee-dps for my group? Would be nice if its not a squishy damage dealer which dies instantly on the first hit. If possible please suggest starting stats&skills , the rest will be respecable im im right? Thanks in advance
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