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  1. Thank you for your replies! Yeah, only melee unfortunately. I considered a blunderbuss modal build and it looks insanely good, but it's not my cup of tea. Does Streetfighter get better tho? Would higher level defensive spells make it possible for it to stay bloodied consistenly or I'd better ditch the idea and pick fighter or rogue? Or is there any other way to trigger flanked? Like friendly fire spell or something? So far I seem to die often with Streetfighter/Wizard on PoTD. And overall game feels more difficult on PoTD than the first one. First Island feels like doing that temple of Eithas in Gilded Vale with 3 character on 3rd level all over again, lol.
  2. Can anyone help me with deciding which class would be optimal for a melee wizard in PoE 2? I'm choosing between Devoted/Wizard and Fighter/Wizard (Battlemage); Rogue/Wizard, Assassin/Wizard and Streetfighter/Wizard (Spellblade). I don't consider other classes such as Monk, Paladin and Priest for RP reasons although they seem to be quite strong. In short, I would prefer more damage over tankiness and not planning to use shields, but want to be able to take a few hits with the help of wizard's buffs. Frontline of my party would also include a pure tank fighter and an off-tank paladin DD. In PoE 1 I also played as a melee wizard and had a blast with it. Easily the highest dps in party after unlocking Spirit Lance at level 9. In PoE 1 I usually went for Mirrored Image, Hardened Veil, DAoM, Slirit Lance and Martial Power and started hitting multiple enemies staying behind the tank's back while not being afraid of aggroing some enemies due to high defelction. The damage was insane especially with almost non existent recovery with DaOM and durgan infused armor. Something like this in PoE 2 would be perfect. But honestly after 100 hours of PoE 1 I've grown tired of this particular build and want to freshen things up a little by multyclassing and using non conjured dual weapons. But I can't decide which multiclass to pick. Streetfigter seems like the most optimal choice and I've played with it a little. But 20% recovery penalty is very annoying and I don't see how I'll be able to stay bloodied or flanked consistenly, especially while having a dedicated fighter tank and off-tank paladin in my party. And most of the time bloodied status would mean a 1/2 hit death for my character with 10 con. But the bonuses for having these effects are huge indeed. The only thing that bothers me is that enemies tend to target my character quite often even while being engaged by a tank which makes surviving much harder. That wasn't a problem with Spirit Lance due to its reach though. Assassin seems nice but I guess it's more fitting for spellcaster kind of build. No Sublcass rogue also seems nice but I can't yet determine if Streetfighter would be more beneficial in the long run after unlocking better defensive spells for much needed survivabilty. I also consider picking a fighter or devoted for their offensive passives, but I think sneak attack damage boost of rogue would be better for my party. (I'm going to also have a pure Wizard for CC and debuffing enemies for making them flanked or afflicted). But I might be wrong and looking for your suggestions.
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