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  1. After being on the fence about yet another early access survival crafting game, I tried out Grounded during the recent Free Weekend event. While I was pleasantly surprised for the most part, there were a few minor complaints raised by my friends and myself over the course of our Steam co-op play, mostly relating to the PC UI. It seems like some aspects are still optimized for gamepad players, leading to some slightly awkward and unintuitive control issues for KBM players. It would be nice to see the existing control scheme utilized in a more consistently intuitive, streamlined manner that minimizes travel and extraneous keypresses. If you're soliciting user feedback, these are some of our thoughts: TAB allows you to exit the SCAB menu at any time, but when you are in a container or crafting bench, it only scrolls through the item icons on the right panel. This is wholly unnecessary on a PC with a Mouse cursor. TAB should ideally always toggle out of a container or crafting bench. ESC can certainly also still serve the same purpose, but should not be the only way to exit those menus, as (for most players) it requires moving away from WASD to reach it. In the Crafting Menu, the mouse cursor already highlights a selected Recipe on mouseover. The Player should not be required to click on the recipe AND press Space to craft it. Highlighting the selected recipe in the list and pressing Space should be sufficient to craft the selected item without extraneous clicks, unless the player specifically wants to review the Recipe on the right side info pane. The ability to pull materials from nearby containers for hotcrafting, both in the inventory and in workbenches, would be greatly appreciated. Likewise, being able to set a certain number of items to be auto-crafted without continuously pressing space would be helpful as well. The Canteen, as far as I've seen, has no reason to use the Action key to fill it when the Left Click interaction would work to intuitively fill from a highlighted source. The ability to scroll through Hotbar items with the mouse wheel would also be useful, even if it only applies to tools and skips active-use items like food or healing. The ability to sort items in containers by type/expiration/durability is indispensable and I don't know why a rudimentary auto-sort is not already present. There needs to be an option to "Deposit All" or at least an option to top off existing storage stacks from your inventory. The less time spent on tedious inventory micromanagement, the more time spent playing. Custom keybinds do not seem to take effect on the HUD until the game is reloaded/restarted, and some of them (such as PgUp/PgDn) do not fit within the existing hint popup (see attached image.) We really wish for the option to create a custom kid and select a voiced personality for them, rather than being forced to pick from 4 predetermined characters. Everybody loves a good character creator! Unique PCs give the player a stronger attachment, as well as motivation to replay/RP. Like I said, we were all pleasantly surprised at how good the game is, and how polished and intuitive most of it already is. Especially the building system, which is already far more robust and thoughtful than many of Grounded's tree-punching peers. It's definitely on our wishlists now thanks to this demo weekend. Thanks, and keep up the good work!
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