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  1. thanks Boeroer, all these years anythings that I googled your name came up. On behalf of all the lurkers, thank you. One of your old posts, suggested priest with firebrand. the post was so old i think it was before the firebrand belt. I went with that early game but now Iam spell casting. I think priest is way too good. the sige was abit hard with vessels elemental immunity except poison. Resting was not too bad, i think late game priest can kill the entire world map if you can pull every one. I remember i solo the game with monk, that was not too bad either, except the monks in white march 2 since they chain stun you. barb was not bad either but paralyze is a problem even with all the defensive setup ,passive talent+gear, always have to carry a scroll for it I wanted to thank every one but too lazy with password recovery and remembering my password.
  2. iam looking at Ascetic, The, monk build, or mage. Dont mind the rogue either but could not get rogue to work. Just some simple op melee build. I solo the game once long time ago but I have forgotten about game. Just want to try it one more time with an op build i saw below build list too, so much to chose from
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