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  1. I'm having the EXACT same issue!! A friend and I were playing multiplayer (shared, Xbox One) and then the game crashed booting us both. Logged back in from last save (load pic looked like I was on a Zipline last, but the game crashed while I was in my fort), and I'm getting an all white screen. Health, food, water not moving either. I can't even give up to at least move myself elsewhere. I'm stuck! Anyone heard anything as of late??
  2. I know we're just 6 DAYS AWAY (been awaiting this day for 2yrs now and it really got me through the pandemic), but now that the world is opening back up..... What about exploring other yards? That opens the door for more bugs and even more biomes. More NPCs like other shrunken kids (we know they're more because we've found the remains)? Even exploring the house. Fight bedbugs, different spiders, centipedes, and/or (Almighty forbid) roaches () since they're pretty much impervious to everything. Boss fight with a mouse. Explore couches and other appliances (the fridge can be an Arctic area). That'll open up to new foods as well. You have a GREAT game with literally endless possibilities. Hell, I'd gladly come by and share all of my ideas if need be. Can't wait until launch!!!
  3. Today is the day my SECOND bag got stuck in a rock. One is by the bees (where the mosquitoes are in that water way) and the other is in a rock by the T-Rex. This is annoying. All that hard work gone.
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