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  1. The Xbox Series X and PCs could, but it might also ramp up the "system requirements" but Im certain the Series X could easily handle it
  2. Im thinking it would be interesting to not only do the food and water aspect, but because of the "Sick" Debuff you can get from drinking the "Nasty Water" wouldnt it be interesting to also have other features? Imagine if you are sick from drinking the Nasty Water, you can get Diarrhea which could potentially lead to more water loss and hunger loss. You could get Dysentry etc. What if you are tracking that spider you want to kill, and you get sudden pains which gives you a Debuff because you got constipated. Just a few ideas I thought of.
  3. Hence why BEFORE you go somewhere, you empty your bags of everything you are afraid to lose. I do that before every excursion because "Hey, you never know what will happen"
  4. You're missing the dung beetles!!! I think it would be awesome to have dung beetles
  5. They could also make it so the "lethal" potential would only be on Woah! Make it easier at lower levels
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