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  1. hahahaha no way Not So Clever Hound I literally looked into your post first before attempting my run and I thought to myself "no way wizards need might" and I proceeded to do the most brain dead thing ever maxing Might as a blood wizard. I also thought Rekvu’s Fractured Casque was pretty useless along with the Vaporous but dude you're legit a genius I never would have thought of purposefully having an injury to have more spells without being interrupted.
  2. Thanks for the reply however I feel like I was doing pretty ok till I got to the Engwithan Titan probably the easiest boss in the game. I was using combusting wounds in combination with buffs, wall of flame cheese strategy, ray of fire I attempted it a couple of times but I would run out of spells and using blood mage would almost straight up send me to heaven. I probably could have beaten it if I had leveled up a bit more but I ended up wanting to create a new class.
  3. Hello guys so, for a while now I've been trying to solo this game. I attempted a solo Wizard (Blood Mage) and truth be told I got completely annihilated. Based off the research I've scoured on the forums I think I might have added too much Might and low Constitution to my character and that doesn't go well with Blood Mage. I'm sure solo Blood Mage is doable but I would genuinely prefer something a little more viable where I don't have to worry about pinching myself and getting killed. Taking this into consideration I'm sure most of you can tell I'm not very experienced at this game so, currently I'm hoping to find another class that pairs well with wizard and that is viable in at least solo veteran difficulty. So far the ones I find the most interesting are Wizard/Fighter, Wizard/Paladin, Wizard/ Chanter but I'm really not sure on how to distribute my attributes nor the sub-classes I should shoot for a proper synergy. I'm open for any suggestions that doesn't involve wizard but is a class that is self sustainable preferably something that doesn't require the use of many potions (I wouldn't want to play a monk that needs to be on steroids every fight or for a viable for solo). For gear I have an inkling of what I need but any suggestions are welcomed!!! Thank you in advance
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