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  1. Sooooo... I've now twice in one game encountered the Wolf Spider by the pond actually walking -on- the water (and occasionally beneath it). This seems to be something of a fairly major glitch, considering they don't do too well in water, normally... I reset the bugs to their OG location the first time this happened, but the next in-game day it happened all over again.
  2. Can we get recipe pinning? It's such a hassle sometimes, having to go back and forth into the crafting menu just to see what I need to make whatever it is I'm trying to craft. Being able to pin the recipes and see them outside the menu would be super handy!
  3. Absolutely agreed! They're also extremely CRAZY big for mosquitos?? Any mosquito I've ever come across has been WELL under the size of an average honey bee and their aggressiveness makes no real sense, considering you're such a small creature by comparison. You'd be of very little interest to them.
  4. It's a great idea if I had assistance. Unfortunately because they've moved the wolf spider to the mysterious machine area I'm lucky if I can survive five minutes by myself, let alone get up to 5000 RS. My original longer game has it but I can't get out my front door without being swarmed by mosquitoes. I get the difficulty needed to be raised for multiplayer, but sadly it didn't take into consideration the solo gamers and just HOW much adversity there is even at the very start of the game. Mild mode is far from mild when you're playing without aid.
  5. I'm sort of hoping they can come up with a system where they can actually add sliders for certain difficulty options. Turning down or even off some aspects might make a solo game more bearable/enjoyable. I dunno. Only thing I can think might make it fair.
  6. Wasn't sure where to put this but I just need to vent and this seems to be the best place for that. This game started out so fun and one of the aspects I loved the most about it was that while it was challenging, it was still something I could play. Something my kid could play. That we could play together. Now 10 or so updates in, I'm staring at a game that is utterly unrecognizably different and there seems to be no regard for those of us who don't care for those unbeatable complications. I get it. Creative mode exists and sure, I could play that and have NO challenge and be fine. But easy mode exists too and right now easy feels like hard and anything else just feels impossible. I'm tired of having to stop building/foraging/exploring every ten seconds to run from yet another swarm of mosquitos who hunt me down for hours or a wolf spider who's suddenly spawning ten feet from the safest place in the game or bombarder beetles, who are somehow more aggressive than Stalin or starving or dying of thirst because every food source and water source is teeming with things that for some inexplicable reason ONLY seem to come after me and not the plethora of other options out there. I get it. I really do. People like games that challenge them to the point of near impossibility. I see it all over the map in the Survival genre. But it just feels like the devs are only making this game for those people and not the ones who wanna enjoy the gameplay without constant unyielding stress and frustration. I love the new build options but I can't build anything cause I can't collect anything. I had to restart me 60 day long game cause there were suddenly three mosquitos camping outside my front door that kill me before I can leave my house. Now that I've restarted, I can't get past the first lab cause there's suddenly a trillion more things to fight and run from than in the original edition. I understand the idea is that the game needs to grow and develop... But why does each development just seem to cater to making things more difficult and less fun? And I appreciate all the hard work the devs are doing, but I dunno. I'm sure there's not a lot of folks who will agree with me here, but I'm just sad that I can no longer see this as something I'll play often and I wish the devs would take those of us into consideration too, who click 'easy' mode and not chaos-have-fun-dying mode for a reason. Sorry for the length. If you disagree feel free to just ignore me lol I'm not particularly keen on a debate but I'd love to know if I'm not actually alone here...
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