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  1. Same issues here. 2 copies of the game on steam. This latest version is causing one to disconnect. Now I've tried resetting settings to factory and tried just running a single player new game and it crashes as soon as the opening cut scene is over
  2. Weird issue, but I created 2 canteen+, when i tried to fill the 2nd one, it stacked with the 1st one, and now I have an empty canteen. If I try to fill it, it says canteen is full. I cannot unstack it. Am I missing something or is this a bug?
  3. Ya I saw one and I really want to make it, but I guess I haven't found the plans for it yet. I don't see it in the list of craftables. I guess in my mind anyone should be able to make this right away since irl you could make a dew collector with a piece of plastic and a few sticks. hehe.. oh well I'm getting better every day. What an amazing game!
  4. Oh awesome! Ya I did go to Burgl. That was fun to find the Oak lab. I got killed by Tazer bot 20 times before I finally killed him though haha. I will look around there for some Quartzite thank you vm! I did make a Canteen, so that is helping a bit. Now if I can find a few drops of water early morning I can venture out further without having to search for water. I sometimes just stumble upon it on the ground while out and about so thats helpful as well. I wont give up. I really like this game so far. I finally build a little base on the flat rock and it is great for resources. You are right about foundation needing to be level. When I build on the rock everything stayed level without needing a clay foundation. Nothing went through the ground! Thanks for all the help!
  5. Hi Devs, I just downloaded this game about a week ago. I am really impressed with the visual stunningness of the game dispite it looks cartoonish, I think that adds a lot to the charm of the game. Great job! A few things that I find difficult, is that starting out, it's been very difficult just to find water to survive. I have died over and over just because there is no juice or water. Once in awhile I find it over a body of water and knocking it down just falls into the dirty water. I waste so much time with this I can't explore much of anything. It's not fun. I see a lot of Youtube vids from people who started early and I think things must have changed. It seems harder now. I would like to build a fort but I don't have time. I would like to explore but only if I find water when 1st waking up can I have time to go. Is this expected? Equipment seems to break down a lot. I can appreciate that makes the game more real and fun, but I dont understand for repairing a peblet item I need quartzite? I haven't seen that in the game, and I can just make a new one with simple to find materials. Seems odd. Building things seems odd. I try to put up a wall and 1 section is flat but other sections are half sized, as if they go underground. Maybe a bug, but is it required to use Clay or something to make a flat foundation before building? I am still living out of a lean-to outside after 15 days. I just dont have time to experiment, just looking for water etc. Any pointers appreciated! Thanks!
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