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  1. I must disagree! There are many, many things new in this mod. I play it now for third time because I want to explore it all and always run in something new. Btw this mod is compatible with only 4 other mods and those are: 1.Prologue - Peragus - Harbinger Correction Mod (1.1) by Ulic is COMPATIBLE 2.Sion's Arrival to Peragus Fix (2.0) by Zbyl is COMPATIBLE 3.Coruscant - Jedi Temple by DeathDisco is COMPATIBLE 4.USM-(there is compatibility patch for tslrc to download) Oh my... Way more interesting, new, less bugs, complete storyline make sense now (like bao dur's faith explained etc.) Thanks to the fans, TSLRC and other mods are availible to all on many sites. Get them immediately and try them. You won't regret
  2. Well, Exile was powerful jedi, didn't he? If it is to much to handle, then he can be ordinary jedi at the beginning. And hell no... I'm not one of those Revan fans, but I'm "galaxy far, far away" fan Just want whole story. That's all.
  3. Maybe then to choose either continuing old character or play new one. as for me I'm very proud of what exile had become in my game and it would be pity to lost all of that. This is my suggestion-> Next episode: Exile go out of rim in search of Revan-> there he find him -> people get whole story of what happened to Revan and what will happen after -> battle with sith, real sith they came to find -> rebuilded jedi order (revan's doctrine) -> ...
  4. make possible to draw character from kotor 2 with all possessions to kotor 3
  5. Like someone said, the story have no ending here and leaving so many fans from all parts of the world (i don't think they are aware of those numbers) without an end is such a mock. "Use your imagination Luk" ... Yeah, right... Creating an universe like "old republic" is interesting, but first they should end what they started here, in kotor. And if they do, then also should make possible to draw character from kotor 2 to kotor 3
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