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  1. Why is there no water in any of the bases? Since these were places people were supposed to be in at one time, there should be some form of water available... Or at least have something that USED to have water... that either no longer works at all or has stagnant water as if there was once fresh water.... if it was intended for there to be no water in the bases. Either one of those would add to the overall story if there isn't supposed to be water in the bases. It could also be a small quest in order to get the water running again.
  2. Not sure if intended, but teir II axe seems like it wears out faster than the teir I. It's also odd that the teir I requires quartzite to repair when the ingredients are so common. Would be better if the teir I used a pebblet then the teir II could use just quartzite... especially given how hard it is to find Bombardiers. There is also an issue with the Husky Weeds. The smaller size one takes a normal amount of effort to chop down, while the large version takes much longer. However, when finally chop the larger one down get nothing extra for all that work. Either it should take the same t
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