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  1. Thank you sir you're a really big help but since you've enlightened me on recovery speed on my melee mage I've decided to go hide armors ( I also browsed your other suggestions on other members who asked similar questions). So my question is, which is better in the longer run? Wayfarer or Blaidh Golan?
  2. Hello again! Could you give me a good stats for melee mage? Thank you! Also what other armor alternative for a Melee mage? I don't really like the look of the robes and gambeson for my male coastal Aumaua. What helmet should I get? Boy I want my mc to be good lookin. I really appreciate your help.
  3. What weapons should I aim for Melee Wizard and BileStomper Ice version? I really appreciate your help.
  4. so going plate is not an option then for melee wizard then? Because I prefer the aesthetic look of Plate armors. Guess I'll go Bilestomper Ice Version.
  5. That's weird. I currently have /14 in enchantment slots. Both WM 1 and 2 are installed. I am currently on Stalwart Village and in the middle of finishing Act 2. Maybe I need to start White March 2 before the extra +2 slots will unlock? My Wizard's stats are Name : Gilgamesh Level 6 Mig 21 Con 17 Dex 5 Per 10 Int 16 Res 10 Talents: Arcane Veil Secret's of Rime Hardened Veil I only spam Chill Fog but sometimes I buff myself with DAOM, Infused Vital Essence,Merciless Gaze, Llengrath's Displaced Image and Arcane V
  6. Correct me if I am wrong so armors will have extra +2 enchantment slots if you durganized them? Btw thank you for the builds. I'm loving your guides especially your Bilestomper one(and the ice variant). Also since I'm conversing with you. How would you tweak my Wizard so that it'll become a Melee One(I'm currently following your Bilestomper build but Ice Variant)?
  7. Good day! I'm new to this game and so far is having a blast. I have a problem in enchanting however. You see I want to enchant my Sanguine Plate for my Melee Wizard MC but since the options are limited(5/14 enchantment slots) I would like to know what are the best enchantments for it? As I would like to use this badass looking armor til the end. Thank you for answering!
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