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  1. Eww yeah they need to make that shorter as I would really like to get more ovens beyond just having 4.
  2. Is there any way we can up the chance for a charcoal respawn? I've been waiting weeks for it to respawn and nothing. Mayhap this needs to be adjusted?
  3. Given that we are about the size of an Ant. Would it be plausible for there to be an Ant Lion in the Sandbox to act as a boss mob?
  4. Is there a possibility of the branches in the Tree becoming a Biome unto themselves with maybe a pulley system elevator to get up there?
  5. As the title posted said, "Will there be any Glider type gear that allows a player to glide from place to place? If not will there be able mutations that extend the overall life of a dandelion fluff?" I truly believe this type of item or mutation would be a great benefit to a player's enjoyment in being able to glide from one place to another.
  6. I would be ok with both of these as this would ease the pain of stuff breaking then having more stuff break when trying to get ingredients to repair the stuff that is already broken. At current it is just a frustrating spiral of annoyance that lessens the overall enjoyment of the game from a design standpoint. I would also make it a point to change the weevil shield requirements to perhaps it's nose since the weevil meat spoils and becomes useless after a day. Therefore making it hard to stockpile repair ingredients for said item.
  7. I would have to agree with the posts above in that the new Repair gimmick tends to take away from the overall enjoyment of the game. Now you must have insect parts in order to repair things which any equipment used while farming insect parts would again require more part. It feels rather redundant and boring than simply the previous repair system of collecting the needed materials whilst exploring/building within the game.
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