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  1. I find extremely disappointed that this game doesn't have a compass. But even more disappointing is the sun. It simply doesn't follow the normal cycle, and it casts light from North. Sun is meant to shine behind or on top of the main house, which is south of the garden, but in game it just shines in front of it. Are we in another planet...? This is unbelievable in a survival game. Am I the only one missing this simple feature?
  2. As title says. Many people on Reddit reported this issue too, even for Xbox version. Every time the host eats or picks mushroom, the game crashes to desktop without any error message. I was able to replicate this bug every time. The game crashes about 1-2 seconds after picking or eating the mushrooms. I picked them from the mushroom garden. Tbh I had the same issue after eating Aphid honeydew once, but it never happened again. It is worth to mention that I consumed mushrooms or honeydew from the inventory, I didn't use the quick bar. The simple solution for the ones experiencing this cr
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