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  1. @Boeroer, thanks for clarifying. My interpretation of the seed generation was that the seed was used to generate the so-called "offset" that occurs when one character's name is different from another. i.e. when on day 4, character A sees Gloves of Manipulation, but on the same day 4, character B sees Boots of Stealth. One would then use the common loot table and calculate the offset to determine what day character B would see the same drop. What you are saying is that this is not true. Instead the entire loot table is generated from the seed, so unless everyone's character is named Steve,
  2. @baldurs_gate_2, I have been basing my reloads on day of month, not days played, and taking "offsets" into account. Trying again, this time I received Boots of Stealth from the chest beside the bed. Boots of Stealth (just like my data point for getting a Rotward Amulet) are not even listed on the table (https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Random_loot) for this chest! I am going to create a new character with a different name and see if I get different results. I still suspect changes for Epic Game Store v1.1.3.0007 to how random loot is generated despite: Okay, I wanted to shar
  3. First off, I apologize for necroing this thread, but I do not know where else to post this. I am currently playing Pillars of Eternity Definitive Edition (Epic Game Store v1.1.3.0007) with both White March Parts 1 and 2 installed. I am trying to get Gloves of Manipulation through either the (1) Raedric Keep - Main Floor - Chest on Desk or the (2) Raedric Keep - Main Floor - Chest Beside Bed chests. My character is currently level 3 and named "MetsaroMagi". I've used the rest with Nedmar option to advance days. I've done over 20+ days of reloading and have also concluded what grausc
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