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  1. Just to add that invisibility potions are free action on use and cheap to make. So in the fights that matter constant assassinate/backstab is not an issue.
  2. @ frostling The turn based mode is converting real time seconds into turns. Each turn is 6 seconds of real time, with all durations converted then rounded down. For example every duration that states 1 turn is anywhere between 6 and 11.9 seconds, every duration that states 2 turns is between 12 and 17.9 etc. The whole system is not standalone in a sense, but a direct conversion of seconds to turns. That is what my above semi-serious statement references. Hope this clarifies it a bit.
  3. Well. Let me clarify a bit since my first post was short and I did not want to confuse a new player with technical information. Soulblade assassin does not benefit from Dual Wield at all and here is why: The character will never use any abilities that are "full attack", no finishing blow, no blind, no hobble. The reason is simple, it needs all the guile for shadowing beyond. After each shadowing, the build hits for assassinate + all the other bonuses you correctly mentioned, then it burns it's focus via soul annihilation before letting it reach maximum (so the whip keeps adding to th
  4. What you need is a cipher soulblade/ assassin. Keep Dex at 10-14, you will not be casting anything above "standard", keep Int at 10, Max Per and Str. Use the positioning and invisibility from rogue to get focus from backstab, then insta-kill anything with soul annihilation; does not get any more "assassin" than that. Highest single-target DPS in the game by far and well within the theme. Since both backstab and soul annihilation are "primary attacks" you get nothing from dual wield and since backstab works only within 2 meters of the enemy there is no point in firearms. Use single handed
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