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  1. I think the overall concept is a good one but needs alot of work. I've never considered armor to be standalone and since adopted my playstyle to include a shield, however I do definitely recognize this as almost defeating the purpose of the armor as being more than resistance gear as opposed to actual direct damage mitigation. I also kinda think the first tier upgrades for sleek starting at lvl 5 are fairly absurd as many have stated that they simply don't use that armor late game. So put simply they need to lower the max lvl for 1st tier and 2nd tier sleek, and also make 1st tier armor be able to be retrofitted for tier 3 base stats by some other late game means.
  2. i am having this problem as well, i am trying to include my save file, but it just has save folders and they are too big to attach which one should i attach?
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