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  1. That would be my worst nightmare. What items could you get from that guy?
  2. I love this game, my girlfriend is actually into designing game graphics, and i am working on coding. This game is so brilliant that me and her were discussing what insects we would like to see and what they could add. Butterflies and Dragonflies : 1. Possible flying mounts. Now i know a lot of people have seen honey, i shrunk the kids and that amazing bee scene. This could be very similiar to that. Kinda fun. 2. Items. With the dandelion tufts you can glide down these insects could drop their wings to give a similiar aspect with a little more speed and control like hang gliders with different looks. Imagine your character gliding around the back yard with dragon wings when a friend drops far away and you fly in and save the day. So cool. Black Widows and Mutated Spiders 1. Boss monsters The game had the broodmother, but when i went to play last it was gone. Kinda sad boss monsters with special drops like a weapon still stuck in it from the last adventurer could add some extra fun into the game. I know its tricky to add extra spider stuff. But trophies and a stuffed spider would be awesome for the trophy room in my base. 2. Items Black widow gear could add extra stealth aspects into the game similiar to the ants and ant armor. As for the mutated spiders perhaps a chest piece to go with the gas mask so that way you can have a chest piece that works outside of the sets. 3. Design Both of these designs would take only slight adjustments and color alteration. Other than some extra stat changes this is all fairly easily done. And Finally, Centipedes, Crickets, and Fire Ants 1. Fill up that back yard I feel like sometimes I am too safe in grounded, even on the hardest mode i know the paths and safe ways to everywhere. There are some spots i wish there was a special type of bug to find, but its just a blank canvas in a few parts. Between the wall and the pond there is a strip of rocks where there are a few stink bugs, but mostly its empty. Fire ants would be easy to add in. Slight adjustments in color and then crafting and boom you got a fire ant hill just on the other side of the pond. I know its not that simple but with their strong team it could be there one day. Crickets hopping around the yard playing their music could be quite calming or scary depending on how dangerous they are. Imagine hearing the chirp of a giant grass hopper and then bam it jumps down on you knocking you back and as you try to attack it leaps away, chasing it down could be hazards and fun! This could take time to design along with the Centipede, but either of them could be exciting or terrifying given the right light. 2. Items. What if you could make like a violin with the cricket legs, just something silly to have fun with. They are young kids they could have a band of instruments, they already have a basketball court with no balls (cough roly poly basket balls cough). A Centipede sheild to hold in your off hand would be cool too. A little extra damage reduction for those times you have a single handed weapon in the daylight but have nothing for your weak hand. The fire ants could make weapon that add a burn dot to the enemies which would be nice. Even if you had fire ant armor and if gave you extra damage instead of load capacity that could be cool. Sorry for my long rant these were just some of my thoughts, what about you? Do you have any insects that would be great additions to the game?
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