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  1. At least for Pillars they don't. Only the latest version is there. Some games used to have all the version history but they might have removed it (understandable, as it is cumbersome if you just want to download and play) I might have the older version somewhere so it's a matter of finding it. Hi K_A_T, thanks for chiming in. I actually tried Eternity Keeper and it didn't recognize the files so I assume I need to convert them to the newer version.
  2. Hi Cerulean! Thanks for your help. I played the gog version. I'll try to get the older installers and try what you recommended as it seems to be the most sensible choice.
  3. Hi! I've tried to come back to Pillars, looking to finally buy the expansions and I now see that the game doesn't recognize my (very) old saves. I played when it came out, five years ago and now I've read that the game change the save structure. Thing is it isn't converting my old saves and I'm puzzled. I tried everything I read about the issue but I can't get the game to recognize the files. As far as I can see the only thing the game does is to clear the old "current game" folder in localow and not much else. While I want to play the expansions I really don't care about playing the
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