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  1. Problem was behind the keyboard. I missed the second staircase going down. It was the 1% of the map stil covered by fog. :/
  2. Hi, I got into this game a week ago and its been a blast. I am not sure if i want to 'call bug' or if the 'problem is behind the keyboard'. Could those in the know tell me which of the two it is. Problem: I want to access the Master Staircase to the endless Paths of Od Nua. I have completed the pre-requisite 'The Old Watcher Quest' and have progressed to Elms Reach and spoken with the Gods. Yet, I still cant access the Endless Paths. The stone arched doorway blocking me, is found on the South-East corner of Od Nua lvl1. I cant help notice there is a tile behind the d
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