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  1. In way yes but i like to think that i have achieved something. Playing on easy just wouldn't be as fun because you would be able to steamroll everyone. So i was just wondering if you guys thought my case of the game cheating me could be used as an example of where that rule can be relaxed with clear conscience
  2. I don't have a clue. I asked somebody on another forum once whether the items in Baldur's Gate 2 ever despawn, and they said they despawn when you enter another chapter, unless they have been put into a container. I suspect that this might be similar in Icewind Dale... Meaning when i killed the boss, i entered a new chapter, and thus my items despawned after i had left the place. I don't know why Beamdog didn't remove that. I suspect that it was an old limitation to save PC's of old some calculating power. But this is 2020. Even the weakest $200 laptop could easily handle preservi
  3. Hey i know it isn't about an Obsidian game, but this is the only forum i could think of that i already had an account on, and which was populated by nerds like me. So i was playing Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition on Core Rules difficulty, for the first time ever. I faced the first serious boss in the game, the goddess Yxounomil (or something like that). She was very tough, and i couldn't beat her. I didn't want to lower difficulty, because i swore to myself at the beginning of my plathrough i wouldn't. Eventually, through a right combination of spells, good timing, and favourable RNG
  4. Picked up Pillars of Eternity on GOG a couple of days ago. I have finished Planescape Torment EE on normal, Baldur's Gate EE on normal, BG2 EE on Core Rules, and playing Icewind Dale 1 EE on core rules right now. So, while i am not exactly a pro, i could say i do have some experience in RPG games, though all those THAC0S, saving throws etc. are still not 100% clear to me, though i understand the basics. In Baldur's Gate 2 (with Throne of Bhall) i had to lower difficulty to easy only twice. In BG1, i only did so once, for the final boss battle (cause i was underleveled and couldn't be both
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