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  1. This should be by default where if u equipped a amour piece to not take inventory space unless it's a duplicate of an item like 2 axes, one of then should take inventory space while the other one doesn't since it's equipped in ur hot bar.
  2. Or add the feature if u do have a pet ant or pet anything, ask it to find certain things like fetch a pebblet or a spring if you're trying to find a sprig.
  3. Lowkey, this seems like a horror game with all the enemy's u suggested......and I LOVE IT, also if u don't mind me adding something for the tutorials I recommend there to be more markers. Because when I first played the game I had to search youtube and google for how to make this or how to make that. For the tutorial I just recommend for there to be more markers like markers to pebblet near u or sprigs or plant fibers. Also idk if there's n option like this because I haven't played the game for like 10 hrs but a feature allowing players to ping certain things. Like let's say I'm making a armo
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