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  1. I was using a game saved in PTS when I had the issues with inventory and multiplayer disconnects. I tried loading a save from before PTS and so far I have had no issues with inventory or second player disconnects. I had all saved inventory in backpack from that save. We've played it a few times and it's been good with those particular issues so far. We are getting "Crunchy Audio" (fixed when restarting game) and items falling through floors, etc.
  2. I'm on Xbox and I had the inventory issue as well. I lost my ant armor and mint mallet and bubble helmet, flippers, etc. My daughter lost all her inventory when she joins my game. Also she always gets disconnected very quickly after joining. I only play this in multiplayer. She is on Xbox too.
  3. Make sure you have the bubble helmet, not the regular koi helmet
  4. I am on Xbox and was able to load my game save and my building was still there. However, I cannot place blueprints correctly to continue building on my existing build. It rotates the walls slightly so they are angled (maybe 10-15 degrees) and have a space. I believe it works ok on new builds bc when I try to place wall blueprints in a new location outside a current build, they place fine. This happens with grass walls and stem walls. Also, when being attacked by the bombardier beetle, he shoots round balls of acid that I avoid attacks by moving to the side, but it didn't show the ball exploding and I'm assuming even though I dodged that it exploded without animation and killed me?
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