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  1. So I was able to acquire the plasma rifle 3.0, and the level of the weapon is 36. That might be too high over the max character level of 33 to be able to appear in stores. I was not able to figure out a way to go back to the ship once the tracker was removed, unfortunately.
  2. Well, crap. I guess it's good news it's in the game. I wonder if since it exists, it has a chance to appear at a weapons shop somewhere. Any idea if it's possible to return for it once you've removed the tracking device?
  3. I could have sworn I scoured that ship, but unfortunately I don't have a save game there and I'm not sure I can return to it. I looked online at some Youtube videos of people going over the ship, and I didn't see anyone pick it up either. Do you have a screenshot of it?
  4. I believe the Assassin perk is broken and not functioning with the Whisper-Quiet Muzzler. Damage does not increase when I install this mod on weapons to get them down into the range of 2.5m or less. If it is working as designed, the follow up question would be what is the point of the perk then? I've gone through stores, my storage and inventory and only could find one weapon type, the saber, that starts with a default below 2.5m. That weapon's listed damage actually did go up when I bought the perk. So, either the interaction with the mod is broken, a display bug isn't showing the
  5. Any luck with this? I've not been able to find one either and I'm not sure if it even exists.
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