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  1. CB disappeared one day if I recall correctly, always wondered what happened to her. I remember Alla too, was something like Alla D'eaty? I'm sure there was an apostrophe somewhere Not sure where she went either, when Lainey's forums crashed and died a lot of people just vanished in to the ether as they hadn't joined other gaming boards. Like me, technically, I only joined here because Gina nagged me But I had a few people's emails and we connected on SM instead. It's funny thinking back of the anonymous days of forums compared to social media. We never would have had the funny little community we did back in the early 2000s if Facebook etc had been around then
  2. I'm in touch with a few others on Facebook, although I forget some of their old forum names as I only know their real names now Um, Charcoal, Jolyon/Jiles, Veloxyll and Missy are all good on there...probably some others too
  3. My husband's seems to be a combination of bird feeders and board games.
  4. I'm in the last 8 months of my 30s I was 19 when I joined BIS. 19!!!! 20 years ago. Holy moly.
  5. We're like...adults now. AKA loads of bills to pay, and everything hurts
  6. Aaaah congrats! Yeah the growing bit isn't fun. I'd tell you it gets easier but I'm currently afflicted by a Pre-tern, and FML
  7. Oh, this is back again! Hi guys Tess
  8. Guys. I've been playing PoE on Switch for weeks. I have done every single question,every bounty, cleared everything. Went down in the pit tonight, got through and defeated Thaos, made my decision about him and headed towards the machine, clicked it aaaaaand software crash. Reload my last save just before I clicked, still crashes. Reloaded the battle with Thaos autosave, battled again, still crashes at the same point. Closed and reopened software, turned switch on and off and reloaded all the saved (bearing in mind you know how long your loads take) all same result. Total crash out when I click the machine soooooo I guess I can't finish tbe game. Ideal. Not much point going on to PoE 2 if I can't continue my save after all that effort Anyone had this and found a magic cure? Can't believe it is screwed at the actual end
  9. Here we are...Goddamn, I was 19 when I joined BIS Boards.
  10. Older and greyer lol. Less hair on his head but more on his chin
  11. Guilty. I've been in touch with a few people who live in Facebookland though.
  12. ...Tesseo!!… HUGE-NON-CREEPY-HUGS!! ...WHO LUVS YA, BABY!!... Haha. Bloody hell I'm out of practise with this message board malarky...ruined by Facebook! Also, we all got old people. Frack.
  13. I made red, white and blue painted pasta necklaces with my class yesterday to show some support and stuff. But the white actually turned out to be 'Baby Pink'. America would be a much more cheerful place if the flag was Red, Baby Pink and Blue.
  14. I'm in the middle of moving house! We move two weeks tomorrow. So, I am currently spending a lot of time lamenting the fact that I have so much stuff to pack... Ahh, again eh? I'd help you if I could. Well we just got our final approval yesterday on a house that we've been negotiating buying for the past week. We have all that packing to look forward to now. Garage sale time: Oak dining set anyone? Wrought iron daybed? I'll have the dining set, that'll be cheap to ship, right? Ugh to moving, we moved twice in 12 months not long ago. So very many trips to the tip. Gumtree and Freecycle shifted a lot of stuff too Good luck with the moves GM and Missy, excited to hear you've found somewhere GM
  15. I modded BG2 Spoilers, kattja modded BG1 I think...Riv and Petrond were BG2 Story Discussion maybe? Rachel was BG2 Troubleshooting. I modded WWOT too. There was a film forum as well wasn't there? Or maybe not until Interplay. But there DEFINITELY wasn't a secret ladies forum. Not on BIS anyway
  16. I always knew you two kids would get hitched. You're a lucky man Ace. WE DEMAND WEDDING PICS! And I would have won the Miss America but I screwed up the Q&A. Oh lol! That's hilarious! I'm almost embarrassed for her. Yeah well there is a wedding pic floating around somewhere, heck if I know where it got to now. I've seen it, i've seen it :DDDD They look gorgeous and happy
  17. Strider is on Facebook, doesn't post much but we have chatted now and then. He's ok
  18. You posted it here. Good times. That damn HEU took me down in the semi-finals. *shakes fist* Haha. Yeah I just found some on my laptop, I don't have the 1st one I did, but I have parts 2, 3 and 4. I think #2 was the best one I never won that bitch. Blatant favouritism of the part of the referee. You got to be Onkel's gimp though, that's like winning, right?
  19. "HOW THE **** CAN A SOFA BECOME ONE OF THE HOMO-EROTIC UNDEAD? WELL???" I think there's a far bigger question right there regarding how anone/thing can become undead at all, let alone a homo erotic sort of undead
  20. You posted it here. Good times. That damn HEU took me down in the semi-finals. *shakes fist* Haha. Yeah I just found some on my laptop, I don't have the 1st one I did, but I have parts 2, 3 and 4. I think #2 was the best one
  21. I had loads of fun doing the Swordsman Competitions, that was WAY more fun than coursework. I think I still have the ones I did saved (I poured a lot into them!), ah, the Home Erotic Undead may get us all yet <3
  22. You going to accept my request to join your FB group, or what? Hop to it. Sorry, had to delete all the threads about you first
  23. We all just talked about the varous BIS games in the appropriate forums, and pretended know about polics in the 'Ye Olde Pages' political forum. In WWOT forum we just talked about what any people talk about in such forums, and spammed pointless posts to see who could get the biggest virtual **** (post count). Anything to avoid actually do Uni coursework in my case.
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