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  1. For now I'm going to drop the ranger build and go with a dual wield rogue based on a build by Madscientist. I will try the dual wield ranger build again if I can get my head around the game!
  2. So... I would like to do something VERY UNORIGINAL. Roleplay as Drizzt Do'Urden! Is it possible to build a melee dual wield ranger? I've been looking for a noob friendly build but can't find one. I know I want to play as a pale elf ranger with the lion companion (closest thing to Guenhwyvar) from the Deadfire Archipelago. Background would be hunter. I'm not sure on the stats to take though or whether the build will be remotely viable with the skills the class has access to - they all seem revolve around ranged weapons. Any help would be appreciated. In the mean time I'm going to jump in with a practice game and see if I can fumble through! Cheers in advance.
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