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  1. These are great observations. There's no doubt that making these changes would require extra work, however that's exactly why they have an early access period. Hopefully we can get a Dev response as to why they went with the current triangle, and/or the likelihood of transitioning. Nearly all sandbox games eventually become about creativity and free building. At some point you are kitted out and skilled enough to dominate any baddie on the field. All objectives are accomplished and you're sitting pretty. At that point, a very flexible building system is very important to facilitating crea
  2. Howdy all! I'm a long time survival player and recently picked up Grounded. What an awesome game! I love the style and feel and atmosphere. Very happy to be playtesting this awesome game. I recently unlocked the ability to build and have started to lay out my first base. One thing that immediately jumped out at me is the choice of basic building materials (square and triangle). I noticed that Obsidian chose to go with a 90°-45°-45° triangle piece rather than a 60°-60°-60° which unfortunately limits our building shapes, especially circular building. I've created a little graphic that
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