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  1. @cstanick I've been browsing the forums while I was looking for a workaround on a current issue I'm having and I've been reading some of your comments to other posts one right after another. Just wanted to say thanks. Have a good un'
  2. PERFECT! I was able to pull up my old game. I lost a couple days of progress, but at least I can play. Thanks for the suggestion. Here's what I did: Found a save that I could load Deleted all saves, but the 10 most recent. Turned off Auto-Save. Manually Saved my game as I played, replacing the oldest save each time The only problem is that if something breaks between saves, there's no auto-save sneaking in to save your progress, so you will lose some fair amount of progress if you forget to save yourself. Had this problem when I tried to destroy an old gras
  3. I get that, and that's what the post said. I really do like this game and realize it's in testing. I'm just frustrated =\ But my issue is different. It's not that I load in and a previous save gets loaded, where say I'm missing a wall or roof. I'm talking I load into my current saved game, that lists my current amount of time played, and my base is literally MISSING and I've been reset back to the beginning in terms of any story progress. The 6 flights of stairs going up to the 3 story base... gone. All of the science I've found/earned.. gone. The quest line has been reset back to explori
  4. TLDR: When I try to load an existing save, my base is gone, my items are gone. All I have on me are the items I logged out with, but the game has started over to the initial tutorial. This has happened on different save files. I even started a new game after the 0.3.2 update because I was having trouble loading my existing save. Same issue has happened multiple times. SOMETIMES I can load an older save and everything is fine, but not today for some reason. First, I just want to say how much I enjoy playing this game. The concept, AMAZING. The game mechanics, AMAZING. The building system,
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