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  1. Probably should have deleted the post, turns out my saves were corrupted and when I deleted the cloud saves it stopped working
  2. Seems that they fixed the saves problem but the game still won't load-it crashes every time
  3. So I have this problem where I can no longer play the game due to having too many saves, if I delete them in game they reappear the next time I start it, I tried deleting all my Grounded saves "Everywhere" in the Xbox settings but the saves were back the next time I started the game. Basically I need it to permanently delete saves from everywhere when I delete them in game or I won't be able to play it again which sucks because I was having a lot of fun.
  4. All good now something to do with the saves and when I deleted some it was fixed
  5. Game crashes every time I start it up since the new update or shortly after (About 5 mins) and when I do get in for the short amount of time it chugs horribly I play on an Xbox One S if that affects it
  6. I personally hate grass growing back because there is enough in the game and my house keeps filling up with grass which is REALLY bloody irritating and I would love it to stop Another thing is that the game freezes everytime my Xbox goes into sleep mode or the game is supended, might be just me though
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