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  1. - the reason why i am here is that Bethesda screwed it up and removed RPG from the Fallout and made it a looter-shooter ... an unbalanced mess , mostly unplayable due to 16x times the detail that doesn't run smoothly by any reasonable standard - so if there is any chance to talk to the Microsoft to give the franchise to someone who " gives a damn " then i 'll do that
  2. sorry , i'm a few days late to the party - are they ( Microsoft ) going to do it ? , are they going to let you continue the franchise - after Bethesda's last hick-up ... ( cough ) ... Fallout 76 , would they let someone ... more capable ... take over ? do u know what they did to Fallout ? they made it " audio logs " ... how do u role-play audio-logs ? ... i'll tell you how : you can't - i assume Microsoft likes money and right now the Fallout franchise is producing zer0 ... i mean i assume if you go to The Microsoft and ask for the franchise they will just hand it out to yo
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